Video CV Based Virtual Placement Campus®

Métier Store’s Virtual Placement Campus® helps Recruiters Access top talent with zero travel by leveraging our Recruiting Tools. We offer a specialized Student Catalogue featuring their Profile, Text CV and most importantly, their Video CV. Recruiters can screen and connect with Students before the actual event. The benefit to students is obvious. It is a one-stop-shop; presentations, interviews and the opportunity to speak to the recruiters directly.

Awesome Features

Video CV based Virtual Placement Campus® Platform

Coolest interface you have ever seen. It will talk about the College, have an address from Placement Head, show your Placement Event photos, and most importantly, show Profiles of you Students – their key information, Text CV and the Video CV.

Professional Video CV

VIDEO CV is a revolutionary 3 Dimensional Personal Profile consisting of video, audio and text. It gives a quick glimpse about a student’s personality, attitudes and soft skills.

Promotional Institution’s Video CV

Biggest advantages of video marketing on YouTube - as soon as the video goes viral you gain millions of views within days. Imagine the benefits for your College. There is no other form of marketing that can offer such impressive results at such a low price

Connect to 1000+ recruiters

You don’t have to chase Recruiters any more on different websites. We will bring them right to your doorstep – all of them under one roof.

Recruiters - Search Your Rockstar Recruiter

Get exactly what you need on our Video CV based Virtual Placement Campus®.
Because with Video CV, What You See Is What You Get! – Only Real. No Fakes.

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Sample Virtual Placement Campus®

Our Services

We cater to Colleges and Students, helping them enroll themselves on Video CV based Virtual Placement Campus® Platform.
And connect them with Potential Recruiters who offer job vacancies and Internships.


Login to create a powerful Student profile with basic key information, Text CV and the Video CV.

Student Registration


Login and create a Video CV based Virtual Placement Campus® platform to showcase your college to Recruiters.

College Registration


Login and check Student Catalogues with Video CVs. Advertise your job vacancies and Internships.

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Quick Glimpse

VIDEO CV is a revolutionary 3 Dimensional Personal Profile consisting of video, audio and text.
It gives a quick glimpse about a student’s personality, attitudes and skills.

Roshni Kurup

Student of HR Management

Rownaq Prasad

IHM College, Mumbai

Afreen Changani

MBA Student

Floyed Pinto

Computer engineering student

Steven Quadros

IT engineering student

Swagatam Majumdar

A fresh graduated student

Bhrugisha Patel

Computer Engineering Student

About Us

Métier Store connects Students and Recruiters through video resumes.

Our Testimonies

Our Expert Solutions

We will guide you through the process - We will tell you what to say, how to say, where to pause - so your words make an impact. We will tell you what to wear, where to look - so you look professional. We will rehearse with you, laugh with you and tell you relax and smile - to bring out the REAL YOU! Because that is the KEY – “THE REAL YOU” - that will make your Video CV a success

  • Our Technique of Video CVs making
  • Our Qualified & Experience Teams
  • Our Researched contents for scripts
  • Just 20 Minutes to make you a Hero
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College Process

Student Catalogue – Process for College


Register your College


Add Students Profile


Métier Store create & upload Video CVs


Launch of Virtual Placement Campus®

Recruiter Process

Recruiter Catalogue – Process for Recruiter


Visit Virtual Placement Campus®


Shortlist Students


Contact to colleg for hiring


Hire Top Talent

Our Events and Campaigns

Happy Birthday to Us! We have Arrived with a BANG!

Métier Store Presents Video CV based Virtual Placement Campus® for Multi-Talented, Super-Active, Bad-Ass Students. Tune In Now. Don’t Miss the Fun.Entry to Recruiters? -- By Invitation Only! P.S. - Now we know how Mark Zuckerberg felt when he created Facebook with EXCLUSIVE INVITES strategy. Come Visit our Virtual Campus Page

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The phones have not stopped ringing!

The phones have not stopped ringing since we launched Video CV based Virtual Placement Campus®.

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Sorting Candidates is like searching for needle in haystack

Want to switch to easy and faster way of sorting? - Ask for Video CV - Spend only one minute per Application.

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